Customer Reviews

"Everything was great and there was nothing but praises for the food! I’m sure you will be getting some orders from Clara and some of the other Board Members for Center Point Energy functions. Thank you for doing such a great job!!!"
Jennifer Kayda – CenterPoint Energy

"The customer called to say how much they liked the food today & that he thought this went very well, he was impressed with your service. I let him know I enjoyed working with you & recommended you for any events they may have catered. Thanks again for putting this together so quickly & making sure everything went well."
Charity Newman - Noland PowerGroup

"It was delicious!!! Everyone commented on how good the food was. I was asked about 6 times ‘who did the catering?’ Of course, I said ‘The Business Lunch.’ It went over really big and had very little food left over. So, I thank you very much for a job well done!
Deana Martin - Enterprise Products

"I just wanted to let you know that my clients really, really loved the lunch yesterday. They kept referring to it as, ‘the feast’. Everything was delicious."
Anita Harrison - Opus Medical

"The lunch was ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS!!! I have been asked by several people for your contact information! Thank you again!!!"
Melanie D. Sosa - Doris Inc.